Main Street

Ice Cream

During the annual Steam Threshing Festival, stop by and enjoy homemade ice cream churned with the help of steam power.

Barber Shop

Stop in with dad or grandpa to talk about getting a haircut and a shave back in the good ol’ days.

Print Shop

Before digital cameras and computerized graphics, the task of putting together a newspaper or other printed items included much mechanical work. Stop in and see this old-time print shop museum for a glance into yesteryear.


During events at the Park, experienced blacksmiths heat up the forge to demonstrate the craft of blacksmithing. Watch as they heat, pound and bend the metal to create practical and beautiful projects.


Check out this jail from 1912.

Fire Station

Spend some time viewing the firefighting equipment on display from 1850 through 1955.

Gas Station

A typical gas station as it would have been in the 1920s and 1930s. A large display of petroleum memorabilia to browse.

Heritage Park of North Iowa

For individuals and families in the extended Forest City, Iowa area who enjoy learning about history and appreciate an opportunity for hands-on experiences, Heritage Park of North Iowa provides high-quality historical collections, rare displays, diverse exhibits and active demonstrations. For anyone interested in an entertainment or gathering venue, Heritage Park provides a well-maintained and attractive setting to accommodate small and very large crowds.