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at Heritage Park

Featured event:
Steam Threshing Festival
August 2 – August 4

Have you ever wondered what your town’s main street looked like in the early 1900s? A walk around Heritage Park will take you back in time.

1920 Farmhouse

Honors women making a home over a century ago.


Raised bleacher-type seating overlooking large track area.

Beaver Creek Church

Built by Norwegian Lutheran immigrant farmers in 1890.

Dahlum Log House

Rest on one of the carved “kubbastols.”

Main Street

Enjoy a visit to the gas station, fire station, general store, blacksmith, barber shop, print shop, jail and ice cream shop. 

East Barn

A big, beautiful barn used for riding and draft horses.

Ellington Schoolhouse

A typical schoolhouse from over 100 years ago.

Farmstead House

Representing the mid-1900s lifestyle. View furniture, clothing, and household goods.

Lunstrum Cabin

A Swedish log house with dove-tailed timbers.

Norwegian Stabbur

Representing a storage building by those in Nordic countries.


Entertainment stage with seating and table options for 240 guests.


Contains the Ruble sawmill and visitor gallery.

Steel Wheel Café

Used for indoor kitchen and dining when events are held at Heritage Park.

Trappers Log House

A Norwegian-style log house built in the early 1800s.

Heritage Park of North Iowa

For individuals and families in the extended Forest City, Iowa area who enjoy learning about history and appreciate an opportunity for hands-on experiences, Heritage Park of North Iowa provides high-quality historical collections, rare displays, diverse exhibits and active demonstrations. For anyone interested in an entertainment or gathering venue, Heritage Park provides a well-maintained and attractive setting to accommodate small and very large crowds.