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at Heritage Park

Featured event:
Steam Threshing Festival
August 2 – August 4

Heritage Park boasts over 61,500 sq. ft. of space filled with steam engines, threshing machines, prairie tractors and gas tractors. Adding to that are many museums including the Transportation, Railroad and Horse-Power Museums. All buildings are well-maintained with clean, organized exhibits.


Farmstead Barn Museum

Filled with tools and farm equipment found on the farm from 50 to 100 years ago.

Horse-drawn Equipment Barn Museum

Marvel at how farming was down with these old-time planters, manure spreaders, chain saws, wagons and much more.

Railroad Museum

See many rail collectibles, operating model trains, memorabilia and catch a ride on the trolley.

Timberland Museum

Built in 1939 and moved to Heritage Park in 2001. The museum boasts one of the largest collections of Indian artifacts in the U.S.

Transportation Museum

10,000 sq. feet overflowing with rare pieces of transportation history. Here you will find everything related to wheeled and roadway transportation.



Doll House Collection

Over 200 dolls of every variety from the Ruth Holtan doll collection.

Gas Engines

Several makes, models and sizes of rare gas engines.

Prairie Tractors

Large, small and very rare, Heritage Park has one of the best collections of Prairie Tractors in the Midwest.

Steam Engines

Over 30 steam engines of all sizes and makes.

Threshing Machines

Over 40 rare and interesting machines.


37,500 square feet packed with tractors, many rare and strange.

Heritage Park of North Iowa

For individuals and families in the extended Forest City, Iowa area who enjoy learning about history and appreciate an opportunity for hands-on experiences, Heritage Park of North Iowa provides high-quality historical collections, rare displays, diverse exhibits and active demonstrations. For anyone interested in an entertainment or gathering venue, Heritage Park provides a well-maintained and attractive setting to accommodate small and very large crowds.