Upcoming Events

at Heritage Park

Featured event:
Steam Threshing Festival
August 2 – August 4

To operate your personally-owned golf cart or side-by-side vehicle on the grounds of Heritage Park during the annual Steam Threshing Festival, you must register and pay a $10.00 fee. The $10.00 fee covers all time that the vehicle is at the 2023 Steam Threshing Festival. You must also provide proof of recreational-use insurance. Only licensed drivers may operate personal owned vehicles on the Heritage Park grounds.

You may submit this form as pre-registration and then pick up your registration tag and pay the $10.00 fee at the Registration building when you arrive at the event.


  • No operation within buildings
  • All golf cart operators must display the Safety Identification Tag issued at the Registration Building.
  • In case of willful or flagrant violation of the rules, you will be asked to stop operating your vehicle on Heritage Park grounds and your Tag will be removed.

Heritage Park of North Iowa

For individuals and families in the extended Forest City, Iowa area who enjoy learning about history and appreciate an opportunity for hands-on experiences, Heritage Park of North Iowa provides high-quality historical collections, rare displays, diverse exhibits and active demonstrations. For anyone interested in an entertainment or gathering venue, Heritage Park provides a well-maintained and attractive setting to accommodate small and very large crowds.