The Hall of Heroes is located inside Heritage Park of North Iowa, at 1225 Highway 69 South, Forest City, Iowa 50436.

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Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is housed in a WWII vintage barracks building located at Heritage Park. The museum is dedicated to displaying service artifacts and stories of veterans from all service branches and especially those from North Iowa.
In 1943, a Prisoner of War Camp with over 70 buildings was built near Algona, Iowa. After the war, the buildings became surplus, so three of them were shipped to Forest City to temporarily house returning WWII soldiers. Later, they became dormitories and classrooms for Waldorf College. Several years ago, these barracks were moved to Heritage Park and one has been renovated to house the military museum.




The Hall of Heroes is the realization of an idea that began shortly after the successful event, Operation LZ in Forest City in summer 2014. The purpose of the event was to give Vietnam Veterans the welcome home they deserved. This event hosted over 30,000 veterans from across the nation. Event organizers saw a need to continue to share veteran stories and honor their experiences through a historical military museum.
Over the last few years, volunteers have worked on renovations and improvements to the building. Earlier this year, volunteers dug in an installed display cabinets and created exhibits showing the history of local veterans.

The displays will rotate over time, so visitors will enjoy seeing something new each time they visit.
The Hall of Heroes will be open during the Heritage Festival in July and the Steam Threshing Festival in August. It will also be open for tours when Heritage Park is scheduled to be open.